1. Rollez

Considering the artists involved in this project, we have two prevalent producers from different sides of the Electronic Dance Music Scene.

Enter Bass1one, a figure with a handsome presence reaching for a highly evolved sense of House Music geared toward the energetic, youthful full throttle scene, infusing modern sounds with ease and an expert ear, expect deep lush layers with this upcoming artist.


Then with Mint Trax head honcho, Wadcutter on the other hand there is the unmistakable nod toward IDM, of sounds we know and love from the past. The result here , a culmination titled “Rollerz” is a dynamic slingshot of Future House meeting that low slung groove of a bygone era still appreciated and respected on dance floors the world over.


Cat: 361640 6488440
Released: 22 June, 2020
Genre: Minimal/Tech House

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